Why Should I Buy G-Tip Gun Cleaning Swabs?

Far stronger than standard cotton swabs, G-Tips are built for the rigors of gun cleaning.

Various sizes and shapes provide easy access to the hard-to-reach spots in your gun.

G-Tip Gun Cleaning Kits - the most cost-effective way to buy G-Tips!

G-Tip Gun Cleaning Swabs - Cleaning Kit - Small
Regular price: $27.00
Discount price: $19.99
G-Tip Gun Cleaning Swabs - Cleaning Kit - Medium
Regular price: $33.94
Discount price: $29.99
G-Tip Gun Cleaning Swabs - Cleaning Kit - Large
Regular price: $143.70
Discount price: $129.99

Videos of G-Tip Gun Cleaning Swabs in action!

We know G-Tips are the best, but don't just take our word for it...

Well, finally went to the range today and got my guns dirty. I started using your Swabs and I immediately noticed a world of a difference. You have yourself a loyal customer. -- Mario M.


I was given a pack of your Swabs today. Came home from the Range and put them to the test. OUTSTANDING product. I can't believe how tight they are spun. They were great. You will be getting my business after I tear these up. Have to tell the rest of the guys on our shooting team. -- Brian S.


I, too, have received and used mine....EXCELLENT product!

Waiting to get feedback from some of the guys in the gun club, but I have NO doubt that the response will be much the same. -- E.E.


I can say hands down these beat the Medical swabs we were issued, as well as many others I have tried over the years! They are Number 1! -- R.L.


Wow man!! I love your swabs!! They arrived today and I went to the range this afternoon with my 1911's. Then, came home and cleaned them using your swabs. I love the pointed ones, they got into places that normally lead me to cuss up a storm!! I'll be ordering some from you real soon!! Thanks again!! -- D.M.


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